Spina Bifida Association of Georgia (SBAG)

Announces Regional Workshops for

Medical/Healthcare, Education/School and

Community Agency Providers

WHO: The Spina Bifida Association of Georgia (SBAG)

  • Ginny Posid, RN, BSN, MPH - Nurse Consultant with 28 years of experience with the Spina Bifida population at Shepherd Center, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and SBAG
  • Kristen DiCarlo – Executive Director, SBAG


  • “Train the Trainers” Workshops in effective Bladder and Bowel Management with insights into the Learning Disabilities and other Complications related to Spina Bifida (SB).
  • With Emphasis on Independent Living Skills



  • In Diverse Geographic Areas Through Georgia

WHY: To Train the Trainers to:

  • Provide effective Bladder and Bowel Management Skills and other Independent Living Skills to children, teen, young adults with Spina Bifida (and Spinal Cord Injury)
  • Increase Independence, Enhance Quality of Life and Insure Integration into Home, School and Community Setting


FOR WHOM: Local/Regional:

  • Medical Professionals (CMS and Public Health Nurses and Hospital, Outpatient/Clinic and Community Doctors, Nurses, Therapists Aids)
  • Educational/School Staff (School Nurses, Principals, Teachers, Therapists, Paraprofessionals, Adjunct Staff)
  • Community Agency Staff (Social, Healthcare, Recreational, Counselors, Camp Staff, etc.)
  • Family Caregivers (as appropriate)


  • If you have Children/Teens/Young Adults with Spina Bifida (or Spinal Cord Injury) in your Schools, Community Organization, or healthcare practice, please call Spina Bifida Association of Georgia’s Executive Director, Kristen DiCarlo at 770-939-1044 or email kdicarlo@spinabifidaga.org to inquire about scheduling a free workshop for your community.