The mission of SBAG is to promote the prevention of Spina Bifida and enhance the lives of all affected.


At SBAG, we envision a future where all individuals have opportunities to grow and thrive in an integrated society and also where, supported by a diet enriched with folic acid, fewer babies will be born with Spina Bifida.

Our efforts strive to:

  • Build public awareness about Spina Bifida
  • Establish SBAG as the primary resource for information on Spina Bifida in Georgia
  • Make SBAG an integral part of a network of support organizations
  • Promote the daily consumption of folic acid by women in their child-bearing years or prior to pregnancy to reduce incidences of SB.
  • Increase community understanding and inclusion, and enhance the quality of life for persons with Spina Bifida.
  • Promote the medical, educations, vocational, social and recreational needs of emerging young adults with SB to healthcare providers throughout the state of Georgia.
  • Mentor young parents and families with spina bifida children and also emerging young adults with SB.
  • Promote more opportunities and choices for persons with SB.
  • Advocate for availability and accessibility of appropriate, comprehensive and coordination programs of care and support available throughout Georgia.